About Us


Ushindi, which means "victorious" in Swahili was founded in 2016, due to growing interest of items signifying African diaspora. Now after gained interest and love of old school pop culture surrounding the "afro" culture, ushindi22 has branched out to encompass all these things. ushindi22's goal is to showcase old school pop culture (70s-90s) as it relates to the afro-diaspora all in one place. We provide dope stuff for dope people. We strive to be champions in celebrating all things coded "black", "brown" or "melaninated", bringing the African diaspora together through our products.

ushindi22's prides itself on hand making our products in Jacksonville, FL. If we are unable to hand make them ourselves, we then outsource to black and brown owned companies, to keep minority dollars circulating. Our hand selected fabrics and dyes come from a range of local and international wholesalers and artisans whose products are from countries such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Kenya, UAE, India, and Indonesia. We aim to provide authentic and premium quality products. 


ushindi22 works heavily within the community either with established organizations or independently. ushindi22 focuses on social and civil liberties of minorities, women children, and families.  

We also sponsor women who suffer adverse effects of cancer or severe alopecia by providing them with headdresses to rock!

If you know of lady deserving, please contact us.